Manchego Cheese  www.themanchegocheese.comLet me start by saying that I love Mexico, have spent great times over there, I’m an absolute fan of Mexican food and some of my best friends are Mexicans too.

But when it comes to identifying real Manchego cheeses, the trouble starts across the border.

As most of you will know, the “Queso tipo Manchego” is a very popular cheese in Mexico and can also be found here in the U.S.

The name is a misuse of the word “Manchego”, as the Mexican version has nothing to do with the Spanish original. Here are some (obvious) differences:

  • The Mexican version is made with pasteurized cow’s milk // Authentic Manchego is made with Manchega sheep’s milk.
  • Mexican “Manchegos” are very rarely aged // Original Manchego cheese is always aged.
  • Most Mexican versions are commercial cheeses // The real Manchego has a unique cultural and gastronomic heritage.
  • Mexican “Manchegos” are mostly used to melt in quesadillas or in other dishes // Original Manchego tastes delicious on its own.

Now, let’s close the eyes and imagine. The strong taste of a fine Manchego, the creaminess of the sheep’s milk, the slightly nutty and spicy aromas, melting into the mouth together with the velvety notes of a red Tempranillo wine. Ummm. That’s paradise to me.


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