Manchego ewes  www.themanchegocheese.comRachel is a Hebrew name which means “ewe, female sheep”.

I was told this story being a child and so have always felt a special connection with these peaceful and social animals.

There’s nothing more relaxing than seeing a little lamb nursing or a group of sheep resting together under the trees.

As I’ve mentioned on previous posts, true Manchego cheeses can only be made with milk from the Manchega type of sheep.

Like many Northerners do nowadays, the ancestors of this unique breed crossed the Pyrenees and various regions of Spain, to eventually settle down in the sunny & peaceful plateau of La Mancha.

There, our fleecy friends found the home they had been looking for (just like me!), put their wandering, migratory days behind and became a sedentary breed faithful to the land that was to adopt them forever.

11 thoughts on “A BLUE-BLOODED SHEEP

  1. so i like the manchego cheese, ya see. so i decided to ya know kinding chat about this so called, i personally perfer the wheat thins style, HMU with you opinion
    – lee harden, merica


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