Manchego cheese ID numberAs all limited edition luxury items, each Manchego cheese is identified by a unique serial number.

What? Didn’t you know that?

Well, if you have a Manchego at hand, turn it around.

If there, at the bottom, you see a black tab reading “España. Denominación de Origen. Manchego” and showing a combination of 5 numbers and 2 letters, you can breathe a sigh of relief as it means you were sold a real Manchego.

Still looking for the tab but can’t find it? Then, my friend, I’m sorry to break the bad news but the truth is you were sold a fake.

This edible black tab is applied when the cheese is in the mold, once it has been carefully inspected to ensure it met the high quality requirements established by the Regulating Council.

The numbers are there to guarantee you buy a unique top class cheese. Next time, look for the numbers.


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