Don Quixotes & Manchego cheeseAs you probably know, the Spanish region of La Mancha is known for two reasons: Manchego cheese and Don Quixote.

What you might not know is that both were very much connected already in the XVII century, when Miguel de Cervantes wrote the famous novel.

Yes, already at that time, Manchego was a popular food.

And so both witty squire Sancho Panza and fantasy knight Don Quixote spend many pages of the famous novel nibbling on Manchego cheese and washing it down with generous amounts of La Mancha wines.

The truth is that probably it was Miguel de Cervantes himself who found inspiration in the delectable cheese when writing the celebrated pages.

So go and fetch yourself some Manchego together with a glass of wine and let your creative juices flow. If it worked for him perhaps it works for you too!


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