QUESO_VALDEPENAS-162Have you ever wondered why you can’t stop thinking about cheese?

If you eat cheese for breakfast, then have a cheesy snack in the morning, a little more cheese for lunch, nibble on cheese throughout evening and can’t end your dinner without a cheesy touch, then you’re like me: a confessed cheese-addict.

Yes, cheese can be very addictive to most of us.

The reason behind this is casomorphin. This substance, present in milk, behaves like caffeine, kicking a brain reaction that makes us crave for more.

This is a natural reaction that happens to all mammals. It’s actually a very clever way designed by nature to tell just born babies not to stop drinking milk.

As cheese has a much higher concentration of casomorphin than milk, our brain gets much more pleasure from it, and so cheese is more addictive.

Then if a cheese is as good as Manchego, the addiction might go beyond control (you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?).

In any case, don’t worry amigos. This drug is legal and also is good for you!

2 thoughts on “CHEESE ADDICTION

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