Manchego cheeseAs I’ve already mentioned in this blog, the market is full of cheeses claiming to be “manchego”.

In most occasions, these copies don’t even have anything to do with authentic Manchego cheeses and just benefit from its name to try and sell better.

With Holiday season approaching, it is now more important than ever to remember how to spot the authentic Manchego. Here are a few clues to try and help you doing so:

  1. The Patterns. Manchego cheese will have a braided basketweave design around the outside, and its flat top and bottom will have lines dividing the surface into four equal parts.
  2. The Color. Depending on how it has been aged, Manchego cheese may be ivory to light brown in color. The rind may be coated with inactive transparent substances. The overall look will be very natural.
  3. The Label. The brand label must state that the cheese is made of 100% Manchega ewe’s milk. You might also see the word “Manchego”.
  4. The PDO. The Manchego Cheese Denomination of Origin Regulating Council’s label, with its logo and serial number.
  5. The Taste. As you know, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So why not asking for a sample before buying it? Once you’ve tasted real Manchego, anything else will pale in comparison.


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