consejo087I’m so used to seeing herds of white Manchega sheep roaming around that I was surprised to hear that also in the Manchego family, black sheep exist.

Apparently, these black sheep make up less than 10% of all these animals. Like their white cousins, they also come from the Entrefino breed, and are considered part of the Manchega type of animals.

They’re recognizable for their distinct color and show white spots on their heads and the distal ends of their anatomy. There is no difference however in the quality of the milk the two varieties produce – Always excellent stuff!

Also, their average milk production, about 26.4 gallons (about 100 liters) per animal a year shows similar values in white and black varieties, being in both cases markedly seasonal during the months of April, May and June.

Different outside, equal inside. The black sheep of this family are nothing to be ashamed of!

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