Manchego Cheese labelYes, La Mancha is a region located in the Iberian Peninsula. But this doesn’t mean that all that’s Iberian is Manchego too.

I’m saying this as it has come to my attention that many American shoppers, confused about their “Manchego” appearance, are buying Iberian cheeses in the belief that they buy genuine Manchego.

What’s even worse: They’re paying the prize of the authentic gem but bringing a mere lookalike home!

“Queso Ibérico” or “Iberian Cheese” is a Spanish cheese made from a mixture of cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milk. The ratio of blend used in the making is constantly altered according to seasonal availability. Also, the aging time for this lookalike varies a lot depending on the maker.

If you’ve been following my posts, you would know about the high standards all genuine Manchegos meet. As the regulating council oversees every single aspect of the cheese making process – from the Manchega sheep’s diet to the final aging of each cheese – top quality consistency is achieved in every single Manchego.

Hard work, yes, but a supreme taste no other cheese can match pays off.

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