www.themanchegocheese.comIf you’re a cheese maniac like I am, here’s a question for you: How many different ways there are to cut a whole Manchego cheese?

Let’s start with the most obvious ones…

  • Chopped Manchego: Cut out the wedge you intend to chop (See my previous post on how to cut a whole Manchego cheese). Then slice the wedge first horizontally, then vertically. Although chopped food doesn’t need to be the same size, try to keep pieces as equal as possible. Cubes should ideally be around 1/2 inch in diameter. Manchego cubes can be use for the preparation of salads, appetizers and snacks.
  • Sliced Manchego: This must be the most popular way of presenting Manchego cheese. Slices can be used on sandwiches, crostinis and also as part of a delicious tapas assortment. To make the most out of the cheese, just remember that the perfect slice should be around 5mm (1/4”) thick.
  • Manchego strips: Cheese strips are a fun way to serve Manchego as part of a finger food selection. They also make a perfect snack platter when combined with fruits, nuts and/or vegetables. Finally, Manchego strips are ideal for children, as they can grab them easily with their little hands. What a great way to help them top up their calcium and protein intake!

I’ll share with you more ideas on how to cut Manchego cheese on my next post. In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts. What ideas have you got?

7 thoughts on “ONE CHEESE, SO MANY CUTS (Part I)

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