www.themanchegocheese.comI’ve talked before about the fundamental role the Regulating Council has in keeping up the high quality of our beloved cheese.

Think about it! Since the Council is responsible for each single cheese that bears the Manchego name, that’s 11 Million kilos of cheese a year!

And so today I would like to talk about the men & women who carry this responsibility, the 14 people working at the Council, “the Manchego watchers”.

First of all, we have the action men, the inspectors who carry out periodical visits to cheese dairies registered in the Protected Denomination of Origin. It’s their job to visit the factories by surprise in order to catch any infractions. This team of 5 is very well organized: while 2 assistants take on the samples, 1 vet checks out the animals and 2 inspectors carry out the overall audits.

We then have the staff working at the laboratory, the brainy ones. This team of 6 is in charge of undertaking the physical-chemical and microbiological analyses on the Manchego cheese. These tests are the best way to guarantee that the cheese complies with the high standards set up by the Council.

Finally, the office workers, necessary in any organization to ensure everything works smoothly. Also in charge of keeping the general public informed and promoting the consumption of this gourmet gem.

Thank you “Manchego watchers”. Your impeccable work allows us to enjoy Manchego every day. Muchas gracias.


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