Manchego Cheese & chocolateAre you as addicted to chocolate as you are to cheese? Can’t you decide between these two treats? Then you’ll be glad to hear that perhaps you won’t need to choose anymore, as many studies have shown, chocolate & cheese are a perfect pairing. Great news! Isn’t it?

Of course, as both flavors have very intense and complex tasting profiles, not all the cheese and chocolate pairings will be a success.

For a hard cheese as Manchego, experts recommend sticking to high quality dark chocolates (+60%). As dark chocolate doesn’t have a lot of sugar, it’s easier to taste all the true flavors. Of course, milk chocolate and white chocolate could work as well. The best, as always, is to experiment and have fun. Take your time and invite your friends to join you on this delicious journey.

Here are two creative ideas for doing so:

  1. Combine Manchego cheese and chocolate in small grilled cheese sandwiches. You can serve them as part of your next Sunday brunch. Everyone will love them
  2. On a dessert plate serve some Manchego slices, a bit of honey, some dark chocolate sprinkles and few pine nuts. Ask your guests to slip and slide the Manchego cheese through the honey and finish off with a dip into the chocolate and the pine nuts. Delicious!

Just a final recommendation: Be sure both the chocolate and the Manchego are room temperature before tasting. That’ll maximize the flavors and aromas.

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