Manchego cheese & La Mancha wine - tapaAlthough a good cheese tastes great on its own, I think you’ll all agree with me when I say that it’s even better when it goes with a glass (or two) of great wine.

This is especially true when it comes to Manchego.

As the concept of “terroir” (or origin) is equally relevant for cheese as it is for wine, you may want to do a “La Mancha” themed tasting, pairing your favorite Manchego cheese with wines from the region.

Did you know that Castilla – La Mancha produces more wine that the rest of Spain together? Whites, reds and rosées, the region gathers no less than 9 wine PDOs! That’s a lot of quality wine!

Try, for instance, pairing a semi-cured Manchego with a light & crisp white from Valdepeñas or a very well cured Manchego with a medium-bodied red from La Mancha. Mix, match and have fun.

Finally, as many Manchego cheese mongers also produce their own fine wines, you can go a step further matching wines & cheeses from the same makers.

As you see, the possibilities are endless in the land of Don Quixote.


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