Manchego cheese & tempranillo wineIf you were to enjoy Manchego with a glass of wine, any wine, what type of wine would you go for?

I’m sure most of you will reach for a fine bottle of Spanish red wine. And you know what? Probably that would be an excellent choice.

As a hard, slightly oily and robust cheese, Manchego pairs brilliantly well with Spanish red wines, from medium-bodied to giant reds.

It’s specially a perfect match with another fine export of Spain, Tempranillo.

Tempranillo, a vibrant and aromatic varietal, is arguably the most famous of Spain’s native grapes. Grown all over the country, also in La Mancha but most famously in the Rioja, Priorat and Ribera del Duero regions, Tempranillo’s lively red fruit and noted dryness offer the perfect background to the prominent flavors of our beloved cheese.

Did you know that Tempranillo translates to “little early one”? Yes, apparently this varietal has a tendency for early ripening as thrives even with a short growing season.

When you think about it, all of it makes sense. A cheese that requires up to two years to mature and a grape that ripens “too quickly”. Patience and passion hand in hand. No wonder they make a perfect marriage!


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