Manchego cheese & Verdejo wineIt’s a well-known fact that well aged Manchego cheeses go incredibly well with fine reds – I’ve talked about this on previous posts.

What most people don’t know is that young Manchegos are an equally great match with crisp and grassy whites such as Verdejo.

Verdejo wines are aromatic, often soft and light-bodied. They smell like a big bowl of citrus and green apples. Lovely, isn’t it? And it’s actually this fruitiness what makes for a great combination with Manchego – As you probably know by now, fruity flavors make a perfect contrast with our beloved cheese.

Although Verdejo is produced in other regions, the most well known are from Rueda, a small region North of La Mancha and the city of Madrid, just West of the Ribera del Duero.

Rueda wines are nowadays widely available across the US. So if you are a Manchego fan and love the zing of your usual Sauvignon Blanc but are ready to branch out, then you should try your favorite cheese with a glass of Verdejo.


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