Beer or wineI’m a wine lover, and so have always enjoyed my Manchego with a glass of wine, or more, I must confess.

However, I’ve recently come across many articles about the excellence of pairing Manchego and beer. Just a new hype or a truly great combination?

As experts say, a nutty aged Manchego finds a good complement in malty beers like nut-brown ales, stouts and porters. The reason, they argue, is that the nut and caramel aromas of the beers harmonize well with those you find in aged Manchegos.

As Garrett Oliver, brewmaster of New York’s Brooklyn Brewery and author of “The Brewmaster’s Table” explains, “with wine, you’re almost always working just with contrasts. That’s not as satisfying as also working in some harmonies.”

Personally, I like pairings that work with the idea of contrast.

Also I have to admit that pairing Manchego with beer is a very nice combination too. As beer helps to clean the palate making the mouth ready for another taste, this pair can work at so many levels.

Now how about you: how would you pair your Manchego?


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