Manchego cheese labelTo distinguish real Manchego cheese from imitations on the market, you should look at its identification.

A numbered and serialised “counter label” should figure on top of the cheese’s commercial label, with the Denomination of Origin logo.

On the opposite side of the commercial label is the aforementioned casein tab that can be considered as Manchego Cheese’s ID number.

Finally, it is compulsory for the “queso manchego” to appear in a visible place on all the commercial labels of Manchego cheese. In addition, if it has been made with raw milk, it should also indicate “artesano” (farmhouse).

Manchego_caseinAllegorical graphic elements of La Mancha can often be seen on commercial labels, such as Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, pictures of windmills, etc., that can lead the consumer to think that it is Manchego cheese when it is not. This fact, together with the incorrect identification of cheese in the sales points, with the use of priceholder and offer signs that incorrectly use the term Manchego, with expressions such as: “Manchego type”, “made in La Mancha”, “soft Manchego”,… which contribute to confusing the consumers even more and are a fraud.

Manchego CheeseTo complete the controls carried out on the protected cheese, the Regulating Council’s inspectors visit the commercial establishments to check that the Manchego cheese on sale complies with the requirements in its Specifications.

Manchego cheese is a very prestigious product, obtained throughout the centuries, closely linked to the territory it comes from, and the tasting of which goes beyond merely satisfying human nutritional needs to become a delight.

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